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    Warehouse & Logistics Roles

    warehouse operator

    Competitive Pay

    Our business couldn’t operate without our quick-thinking, energetic Warehouse Operators. More about the role

    transport operator

    Competitive Pay

    We understand that it takes a certain type of person to work out on the road, so we made sure the rewards match the challenges. More about the role


    Competitive Pay

    If anyone ever asks you what the opposite of a cushy desk job is, tell them it’s being a palletiser. More about the role


    Competitive Pay

    Our Mechanics possess technical and professional expertise, have a keen eye for detail and are able to effectively manage a heavy workload. More about the role

    warehouse section leader

    $33.55 - $40.05*

    Nerves of steel, a calm disposition and the ability to problem solve under pressure - this is the starting point for all our Warehouse Section Leaders. More about the role

    transport section leader

    $33.55 - $37.65*

    Can you coordinate 40 trucks on the road at the same time? Our Transport Section Leaders can. More about the role

    logistics manager

    $112,000 - $162,800*

    The captains of our distribution centres, our Section Managers can lead a team through any challenge. More about the role

    warehouse & logistics job opportunities

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    Warehouse Operator

    Minchinbury Warehouse

    Our energetic Warehouse Operators are responsible for accurately picking and dispatching goods, managing orders and controlling stock levels.

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