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    What it takes to be a Mechanic

    Can you fix anything and everything? Then this is the job for you! To succeed in this role, our Mechanics must possess technical and professional expertise, have a keen eye for detail and be able to effectively manage a heavy workload. More than that, it’s crucial that our Mechanics are knowledgeable of the ins and outs of all controls, policies and guidelines that relate to our Warehouse operation and can communicate these effectively to ensure smooth workflow between different work areas.

    Knowing that you’re the reason the whole operation runs smoothly is pretty sweet.

    Mariusz, Mechanic

    The rewards – What’s in it for you: 

    Market leading remuneration
    Be part of a growing organisation
    Comprehensive training
    Excellent working conditions

    Knowing that the work you do is essential for ALDI to operate efficiently brings a great deal of satisfaction to our Mechanics. In addition, we offer outstanding remuneration, excellent working conditions in a safe and clean environment and high levels of autonomy and responsibility.

    The role challenges: 

    Tight deadlines
    Fast paced
    Hands on work
    Hard work
    Regimented process

    An efficiently operating Warehouse & Logistics Centre starts with our Mechanics. The maintenance schedule can be grueling at times, so a level head under pressure is necessary to deal with the demands it brings. Our store network is constantly growing, so there are always new challenges to deal with.

    * Remuneration varies depending on location.

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