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    What it takes to be a Palletiser

    Without our hardworking Palletisers, we wouldn’t be the successful business we are today. From unloading truckloads of goods, to ensuring pallets and crates are managed efficiently, the role of a Palletiser is hands on, physical, and fast paced. If you have experience operating warehouse machinery, enjoy working in a close-knit team environment and thrive in a logistics operation that strives to achieve goals, then this could be your perfect fit.

    It’s always busy, but on some days there’s really a lot of
    pressure to return and sort pallets

    Jeff, Palletiser.

    The rewards – What’s in it for you: 

    Market leading remuneration
    Be part of a growing organisation
    Comprehensive training
    Progression opportunities
    Excellent working conditions

    Our Warehouse and Logistics team is close knit, so there’s always someone who has your back. When you have that support network, the satisfaction of getting the job done after a hard day’s work is that much sweeter. We also offer outstanding remuneration and flexible work arrangements.

    The role challenges: 

    Physically demanding
    Fast paced
    Early morning starts
    Hard work
    Regimented process

    If anyone ever asks you what the opposite of a cushy desk job is, tell them it’s the job of a palletiser - lifting stock and handling pallets and crates all day is about as hands-on and physically demanding as it gets. If that’s not enough, there’s also the added pressure of dealing with returns, sorting through stock, and servicing an ever-growing store network. If you’re not a fan of repetitive work in a fast-paced, high-pressure environment, then being a Palletiser is not for you.

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