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    What it takes to be a Transport Operator

    Being level headed, adaptable and safety minded are the key traits required to be one of our Transport Operators. Spending your days on the road, it’s essential to be self-motivated with a high regard for safety. Delivering the stock statewide means that you’ll also need strong planning and time management skills. We’re looking for HC/MC licensed drivers with good driving records that are able to work on a rotating roster.

    You’d better be willing to learn, because it’s a different work environment to anywhere else you’ve been

    Drew, Transport Operator.

    The rewards – What’s in it for you: 

    Market leading remuneration
    Be part of a growing organisation
    Comprehensive training
    Progression opportunities
    Excellent working conditions

    We understand that it takes a certain type of person to work out on the road, so we made sure the rewards match the challenges. We offer outstanding remuneration, excellent working conditions and a positive work/life balance with a range of flexible contracts. Our fleet of trucks are always maintained to the highest standards, as are our distribution centres. This means our drivers never have to worry about their equipment, but are also proud to work with it.     

    The role challenges: 

    Late nights
    Fast paced
    Early morning starts
    Hard work
    Regimented process

    As you’re on the road for extended periods of time, a calm disposition is required to maintain concentration. The work environment is different to any other - you’ll not only be driving the vehicles, but loading and unloading stock in all parts of the business- so it’s essential to have a pragmatic attitude and a willingness to learn. Above all else, our Transport Operators must be 100% safety-focused. 

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