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    Graduate Training Program

    No other graduate program offers such a high level of responsibility so quickly. This intensive 18-month course covers every aspect of retail management, including: store operations, team leadership, purchasing, financial administration, logistics and property management. Demanding and uncompromising, this program requires significant effort and flexibility to complete but we will support you along the way. You won’t be alone either - some of the program is centralised so you’ll get to travel to the ALDI Head Office in Sydney and spend time with your graduate colleagues during the program.

    Graduate Training Program Overview

    1. Day 1

      Welcome to the ALDI Family! Meet your graduate cohort and be introduced to the company by the Group Managing Director or CEO at ALDI Head Office in Sydney.

    2. Weeks 1-3

      Join forces with an experienced Area Manager who will mentor you throughout the duration of the course and receive the keys to your company car.

    3. Weeks 4-8

      Your intensive in-store training starts now, from shelf stacking to cash handling. This on the shop floor experience will well equip you in understanding ‘a day in the life’ of your team members and get you closer to the customer.

    4. Weeks 9-13

      Learn all aspects of running a successful ALDI store and manage every aspect of its operations.

    5. Week 14

      Complete a project based on your store time and present your findings to the Regional Director team.

    6. Week 15

      Annual leave: You've earned a one-week break.

    7. Week 16

      The focus of this week is management and leadership. Along with your fellow graduates, you will attend training which will equip you with all the skills you need to manage people effectively.

    8. Weeks 17-20

      Consolidate your understanding of Store Operations by running a store as a Store Manager. Showcase your leadership skills by motivating the team to achieve positive results.

    9. Weeks 21-26

      Rotate around several departments at ALDI Head Office in Sydney to gain a solid understanding of the wider business and how you fit in.

    10. Weeks 27-31

      Revisit the role of a Store Manager. By this stage your knowledge and skill set will allow you to run the store seamlessly.

    11. Weeks 32-37

      Gain an insight into warehousing and distribution by working in your home Region Distribution Centre.

    12. Weeks 38-39

      From quality control to liaising with suppliers, learn everything about our product range at your home Region Office. You will also gain some insight into store design and property development.

    13. Weeks 40-41

      Two weeks of annual leave to relax and recharge.

    14. Weeks 42-43

      Demonstrate what you've learnt at Head and Regional Office by working through another project and presentation.

    15. Weeks 44-55

      Under the guidance of an Area Manager, put your leadership training into practice by running various portfolios of 3-5 stores.

    16. Weeks 56-60

      Become an Area Manager and cover 3-5 stores under the supervision of an experienced colleague.

    17. Weeks 61-62

      Enjoy two weeks annual leave.

    18. Week 63

      From leadership skills to KPI planning and forecasting, we will set you up for success.

    19. Weeks 64-67

      Focus on your role as an auditor and balance the books during this 4 week in-store administration experience.

    20. Weeks 68-71

      Continue your management training and keep an entire area of stores running efficiently.

    21. Weeks 72-76

      Put your skills to the test by taking full control of an area and finish off any final training aspects.

    22. Weeks 77-78

      Congratulations, your training is complete! Take another well-earned break with two weeks annual leave.

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